REVIEW: London Royal by Nana Malone

REVIEW: London Royal by Nana MaloneLondon Royal (London Royal, #1) by Nana Malone
Published by Sankofa Girl on October 22, 2019
Genres: Chick Lit, Fiction, Contemporary, Romance
Pages: 276
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Possessive pain in my ass.
I know exactly what I don’t want.

I escaped to London under the cover of night, never thinking I'd run smack into a man who would turn me inside out.

I had a plan. Simple, really.

Step one: Follow my dream, away from from the demons of my past.
Step two: Land on my own two feet, preferably far, far, away from the man who hurt me and broke my heart.
Step three: Live a little and avoid all men with dark secrets.

So far, I'm not doing so hot.

He's a royal amongst peasants, and the last kind of trouble I need--a filthy rich alpha who can see straight into my soul. Our secrets hold us both captive.

Something tells me I’ll be powerless to stop his magnetic pull, especially when he tells me I'm going to be his, damn the consequences.


I read the original book, “London Bound” not that long ago and was slightly confused when I started reading this book. I contacted Nana asking about why it seemed so familiar and she told me she did a re-write and added 40k words. Those 40k words add so much depth to this book making it even better. The love story of Alexi and Abbie is more fleshed out and I just love it — not to say I didn’t love the original. There chemistry is off the charts and there story is just so sweet. I have loved all of Nana’s duets so far and this one may actually end up being my favorite once I read the second book.

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